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Clients we have served include:

  Jakarta Globe   The Jakarta Globe
Dot.Us made the website and remade the app (originally made in china, website we made from scratch) up until version 1.2; after that they took over internally;
  Trio motor   Trio Motor
(distrubutor for Honda Motor Kalimantan): Dot.Us built a community location based application with info about dealers in the neighbourhood; including forum and location-based web community services;
  TopJek   TopJek
(a GoJek-alike): Dot.Us built the backend technology/architecture, the location-based part, and the ‘location versus battery’ logic. User interface design was done in-house by the client, under our supervision. We worked on this project until they withdrew from indonesia (they are still active in Vietnam) and moved their development also to Vietnam.
  IDFilmCenter   Indonesian FilmCenter
Dot.Us provided the website, automatic video conversion, etc.

Contact Call: (021) 848 86 01
Contact Call: (021) 848 86 01