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Are you looking for quality software for mobile devices or services, written by experienced programmers and coders?

Do you need projects done in PHP, native Android, Java, or C(++)?

Are you tired of developers that come up with inferior programming, and who need an interpreter to understand what you want?

Then contact Dot.Us.

Dot.Us is a Jakarta-based, western-style, European-run software development company that couple western quality to Indonesian pricing.

Our team

Our close-knit team of developers with decades of experience in software engineering and wise to all the latest developments will easily fulfill any requirements your new app, site, or project requires: whether you need GPS-based locating or secure web server programming: we have the tools, we have the knowledge, we have the skill, and we have the experience.


Check out some of our projects using the menu. It will show you the quality of the projects we have done both in-house and on location, for a range of different products.

If you want to know more about Dot.Us, please contact us. You can find our details by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

PT. DOTUS INDONESIA, Bekasi Contact Call: (021) 848 86 01
Contact Call: (021) 848 86 01